CASE 12 - Scattered cells over SMO & coastal plain


Microphysical Scans 1830 - 2000 Z, 1h 30m




Synoptic feature map -

IOP status - No IOP called at this time. Region N of GOC still under the influence of gulf surge (GS#2), which occurred at the end of IOP#3 (ended 0Z 7/23).


W-NW jet @ 200 mb over NW Mexico with diffluent pattern over Mazatlan.


IV #6 just east of Mazatlan, moving westward.


Most convective activity occurring over NW Mexico (Sonora) - MCS developed over Sonora and moved south (6Z 7/23) into Zone 7, remained well north of S-Pol.



Day 0 forecast discussion text


Winds (Eta forecast)

200 mb - model.ETA.200407231200.06_200mb_wnd.gif - model.ETA.200407240000.00_200mb_wnd.gif

500 mb - model.ETA.200407231200.06_500mb_wnd.gif - model.ETA.200407240000.00_500mb_wnd.gif

700 mb - model.ETA.200407231200.06_700mb_wnd.gif - model.ETA.200407240000.00_700mb_wnd.gif

850 mb - model.ETA.200407231200.06_850mb_wnd.gif - model.ETA.200407240000.00_850mb_wnd.gif





24 h precipitation totals -




S-Pol log - spol_072304.txt





Running ClimoNear: Small, intense cell building to the SE of S-Pol (>55 dBZ in core).


1729Z, Base reflectivity, yellow line indicates RHI cross-section.


1729Z, Reflectivity cross-section of intense cell to SE.


1729Z, ZDR cross-section of intense cell to SE.


1800 Z

Begin Microphysical Scanning, Switching to MicroNear135, Running in tandem w/ Ka-band: Most intense cells forming <60 km to N of S-Pol, in vicinity of NOAA profiler. Decided to center sector at 0 deg in case convection moves over profiler site, with RHI at 30 deg. Will continue to keep an eye on convection building to the SE.


1800Z, Base reflectivity.


1920 Z

Sprinkling at S-Pol around 1910 Z. Most action is still to the N, but too far away for Ka-band (~90 km).


1900Z, Base reflectivity.


1915Z, Base reflectivity.



End Microphysical Scanning, Running ClimoNear: Most intense convective activity has diminished. There is still a cell at 42 km to watch.