CSU Reorder Differences

This text describes the differences between the CSU Radar Meteorology Group's version of reorder (the dbx version) and the latest version. The postscript file reorderinput.ps gives a description of a newer unmodified version of reorder. Below is (most if not all of) the differences between the two versions.

Input Data File Specifcation

INPUT: "vol";

Specifies the name of the input volume object, which will be located in the directory specified by the evironmental variable $TMPDIR.

DIRECTORY: "/dir/ect/ory"

This is not available in our older version.

Output Data File Specification

OUTPUT: "output.ced"

Specifies the name of the output file which receives the gridded data in the *pure* format currently used by CEDRIC. This file will also be placed into the directory specified in the environment variable $SCRATCH. This is really the same as the new version.

NETCDF: "netcdf.nc"

This is not available in our older version.

Most of the rest (if not all) should be the same.