SoloII: Examine Overview

The Examine widget enables the "Display" of cell values for several variables and several rays for the sweepfile displayed in the frame plus an inventory of all the rays in the sweepfile, the contents of the DORADE sweepfile headers "Metadata" and a list of the editing commands applied to the sweepfile.

It is also possible to edit individual cells by applying selected operations under the "Edit" menu.

When displaying cell values, hitting the left arrow key changes the display to start one ray earlier and right arrow moves every colummn to one ray later. The up arrow scrolls the display to previous lines and the down arrow moves to the next set of lines.

All the cells in each the rays selected are accessible for display and editing.

Hitting Return/Enter in the entry fields of the "Examine Menu" widget causes a redisplay of the data based on the new contents of the entry.

The "Ray" entry selects the first ray of the display. Typing a "Range" value will display the cell nearest the range to be displayed at the top of the "Examine Display Widget". Likewise typing a "Cell" number shifts the display be begin at the cell entered.

Examine Operations

The "Edit" submenu enables flagging individual cells as bad or subtracting or adding the Nyquist interval to clicked cells or removing the aircraft motion from a velocity cell of aircraft data.

One can also cause a ray to be removed from the sweepfile by clicking the "Delete Ray" radio button and clicking in one of the data columns for that ray.

Subtracting or adding the Nyquist Interval to the whole ray is also an option.

If it is desireable to unfold some contiguous range of cells rather than the whole ray and the user notes the cell at which unfolding should end and then clicks the cell where the unfolding should start, the whole ray will initially be modified, but if the user subsequently clicks on the noted final cell the unfolding will be only within the range defined by the first and second cells clicked as long as the two cells clicked are in the same column.

Folding operations on a ray from the clicked cell to the end are accomplished with the "- Fold Ray >" and "+ Fold Ray >" options.

Examine Options

The "Options" submenu provides for switching the display reference information between (rotation angle, range) and (ray number, cell number).

Also the user can toggle logging updates of the Examine Display Widget on and off plus closing the current log file to begin a new one or flushing the current logging information to the file in order to be visable to other processes.

Examine Nyquist Velocity

When "Nyq Vel" is set to zero the Nyquist Velocity from the data is used. To change that, enter the temporary Nyquist Velocity and hit Return/Enter. To return to using the default data Nyquist Velocity type "0" and hit Return.

The default data Nyquest Velocity can be found by clicking "Metadata" int the Display menu and looking for "eff_unamb_vel" in the radar ("RADD") descriptor.

Examine Log File Directory

The "Log Dir" entry defines the directory into which log files will be placed. Hitting Return/Enter in the Log Dir entry activates logging of the contents of the "Examine Display Widget".

Changing the directory name and hitting Return closes the current file if there is one and opens a new file in the new directory.